Lessons and Courses

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Lessons and Courses

Post by Kiwi on Thu Aug 10, 2017 11:32 pm

Each Class will hold 25 Students with a max of 6 Classes per Dorm

The two youngling dorms and Tailed Jay dorm will have at one compulsary P.E lesson per week

For the two Youngling Dorms the following lessons will apply :
Maths, English, Science, I.T, Religious Studies, Music, Art, History, Geography, P.E, Drama, Food
And they can pick one language to start learning out of : German, French, Russian, Chinese

For the Tailed Jay Dorm students they will be preparing for GCSE :
Maths, English language and Liturature, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, I.T, Religious Studies.
They can pick 3 options along side to take for GCSE :
History, Geography, P.E, Drama, Music, Art, Food, Language [German, French, Russian, Chinese]

For Hebomoia and Scarlet Mormon they will have a option of collage courses.

Collage Courses :
GCSE English and Maths should the student not get a passing grade at first.
Teaher Training Course

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